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Excellence in Cleanliness:

Our Salon's Commitment to Hygiene and Safety

"Claudia's Hair Salon is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for our clients and staff. We adhere to the strict standards outlined in the Arizona Administrative Code R4-10-112, which governs Infection Control and Safety Standards."

Equipment and Supplies Maintenance

To ensure cleanliness, we maintain the following minimum equipment and supplies in accordance with R4-10-112(A):

  1. Non-leaking waste receptacles that are emptied, cleaned, and disinfected daily.

  2. Ventilated containers for soiled linens, including towels and capes.

  3. Closed, clean containers for holding clean linens, including towels and capes.

  4. A covered, wet disinfectant container made of stainless steel or a recommended material, set up with disinfectant at all times, and changed as instructed by the manufacturer.

  5. EPA-registered disinfectants for tools, instruments, and equipment, with specific solutions for those that come in contact with blood or other body fluids.

We follow proper procedures for disinfecting both non-electrical and electrical equipment, ensuring thorough cleaning and immersion in the appropriate disinfectant solutions. All tools and instruments that come into direct contact with clients are disposed of properly or stored in disinfected, dry, covered containers to prevent contamination​

Wound care &  Protection

In the event of a blood (client/stylist) or exposure to body fluids, we have specific protocols in place to protect both our staff and clients.


  1. These protocols include cleaning the wound, wearing gloves and protective gear, and properly disposing of contaminated materials in accordance with R4-10-112 (F)(1-6).

  2. All equipment, tools, and instruments that come into contact with blood or body fluids are disinfected according to the outlined guidelines, R4-10-112 (A)(6) and (B).

  3. Electrical equipment will be cleaned per R4-10-112 (D)

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and staff by maintaining a first-aid kit with essential supplies. .​

Prevent Spread of Contagious Diseases

To prevent the spread of contagious diseases, our staff takes appropriate measures and refrains from performing services on clients with contagious diseases that may be transmitted during the service. We also maintain client protection by using clean linens, capes, and protective neck strips, and by following strict infection control practices.

Our establishment upholds high standards of cleanliness and repair. We maintain a well-lit, ventilated, and infectious agent-free environment. All areas, including floors, walls, furniture, and fixtures, are kept clean and in good repair. Shampoo bowls, counters, and work areas are disinfected after each client, and waste or refuse is promptly removed to prevent accumulation.

We strictly prohibiting the presence of animals, except for service animals in the salon. 


Claudia's Hair Salon is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety in accordance with the Arizona Administrative Code R4-10-112. We strive to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for all our valued clients.

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